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Flower Essence Services Magenta Self-Healer Spray 1 Oz

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Item Number: FS0009
Manufacturer: Flower Essence Services
Manufacturer Part No: 782932151059

Flower Essence Flourish Formulas Magenta Self-Healer Spray Description

Magenta blossoms to encourage self-healing potential and physical vitality


Primary Indications:


* As a foundational remedy in any wellness program; helping the body-soul to move toward a deeper level of health


* For recovery from any major illness or surgery, to access deeper reserves of self-healing capacity


* When healing progress for any trauma or illness seems stagnant: helping to boost immune forces by stimulating greater body-soul integration


* For deeper insight into any illness or trauma, moving beyond materialistic causes to deeper soul-spiritual realization


* To help children bolster immune forces during key developmental stages, growth curves or typical childhood illnesses


* For animals who need to access sustained healing forces during illness or after surgery or other trauma

The Magenta Self-Healer formula features:


Self-Heal - Resourcing one's inner capacity for wellness by learning to listen to the body and take responsibility for health choices and lifestyle.


Sierra Primrose - Joy and exuberance for life; helping the soul to recover and embrace the gift of life on earth - often connecting with the deepest memories of childhood and spiritual purpose prior to incarnation.


Echinacea - Core immunity; integration of the Spiritual Self with bodily identity despite shattering or devastating life events; ability to say "I" at the deepest level of body and soul.


Pedicularis - Soul memory and insight as a force of healing; ability to understand and accept karmic events from a wider spectrum of time and soul purpose.


Love-Lies-Bleeding - Transformation of personal pain and illness; transcendent capacity of the heart; compassion gained through suffering.


Helichrysum essential oil - Helping to resolve emotional trauma that continues to inflame both body and soul; anti-inflammatory that calms the heart and serves as a general catalyst for the body-soul healing.



The Flourish line of twelve formulas encompasses the most fundamental body-soul healing issues facing people of all ages and lifestyles, including foundational remedies for animal care. While each formula has a specific keynote, the entire Flourish line encompasses a broad-based healing approach for those new to flower essence therapy, or for those who require basic catalysts to initiate a healing response.


The Flourish formulas are available in spray bottles (at the dosage level) for ease of application and sanitation, i.e., sharing one bottle in relief work, during times of natural disasters, in busy clinics, etc.

Ingredients: Water, brandy, infusios of flowers of prunella vulgaris, primula suffrutescens, echinacea purpurea, pediucularis groenlandica and amaranthus caudatus and essential oil of helichrysum italicum.

Flower Essence Flourish Formulas Magenta Self-Healer Spray Directions

Spray four times daily in mouth or around body. Shake well before use.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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