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Flower Essence Services Self-Heal Dropper 1 Oz

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Item Number: FS0286
Manufacturer: Flower Essence Services
Manufacturer Part No: 782932110575

Flower Essence FES Quintessentials Self-Heal Supplement Dropper Description

Self-Heal Prunella vulgaris (violet)


Positive qualities: Ability to tap into health-giving forces for body and soul; lifestyle choices that lead to wellness and wholeness


Patterns of imbalance: Inability to take inner responsibility for one's healing, lacking in spiritual motivation for wellness, overly dependent on external advice for health choices

Self-Heal Flower Essence


This remarkable flower essence has been one of the leading remedies of the FES Quintessential line of flower essences for over twenty years. Self-Heal flower essence addresses the core issue in all healing work - the inner commitment to be well.


Self-Heal is an excellent choice for beginning your personal wellness program. It enhances other flower essences and therapeutic programs, acting as a catalyst in the journey to mind-body health.


Self-Heal flower essence is especially indicated for those who have lost belief in their own capacity to be well, or who have abdicated this inherent responsibility to healers or others. It is a very beneficial remedy for those who face great healing challenges, whether physical, mental, or spiritual.


The central teaching of Self-Heal is to enable the Self to affirm and to draw from the deep wellspring of life, toward true recovery and restoration. The name "Self-Heal" is perhaps its own best affirmation, since all healing depends on an inner commitment to be well. No variety of outer measures and techniques can bring about healing (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual), if there is not a quickening from within the individual, a motivation to seek and affirm the wholeness of life.


When to Use Self-Heal Flower Essence

  • As an excellent introductory remedy flower essence therapy, awakening one's inner sense of self-development and understanding of wellness.
  • As a good integrating remedy in nearly any flower essence formula, helping to address and focus the core healing issues of self-awareness and inner commitment to change.
  • As an adjunct to any healing journey, especially when one feels overwhelmed by information or options, and needs to be in touch with inner values and choices.
  • For individuals who have a wide variety of psychosomatic ailments, or who continually seek treatment from many different practitioners, but lack an inner confidence in their own ability to become well, and avoid taking responsibility for the inner shifts which are needed for true health.
  • For a great number of special situations: children who are recuperating, elderly persons with difficult life situations, ailing animals, or plants that are prone to disease or in stress

Ingredients: Water, brandy, infusion (1:6000) of prunella vulgaris flowers organic and biodynamic-.

Flower Essence FES Quintessentials Self-Heal Supplement Dropper Directions

Add 4 drops to water, and take 4 times daily.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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